Gotland Sheepskins

Gotland sheepskins are world-renowned for their silky curls, shine and amazing colour variation and are highly sought after by designers and stylists.

They are commonly used as home decoration both practically and luxury. It is not just for cold winter, but thanks to the special function of wool and the superior quality, Gotland sheepskin gives you a cool silky touch in the summer as well.

A luxurious gift for a newborn baby thanks to its function of heat and moisture regulation. The soft and silky touch of Gotland sheepskin gives babies comfort and relaxation wherever they sleep.

Freyia’s skins come exclusively from Gotland sheep, raised on an island off of the east coast of Sweden with some of the strictest animal care rules in the world. Serving as an integral part of Sweden’s culture, the Gotland breed dates all the way back to the Vikings.


  • Machine washable
  • Does not discolour in sun exposure